About The Artist

Born in Karad ( Maharashtra ) India and brought up in the middle class art loving family, Namita was excited and enthusiastic about art and culture right from her early years of life.

Her strong  pull towards art and drawing was recognized by her parents who resisted  the traditional Indian mindset of wanting their  child to become a doctor or engineer and got Namita enrolled into Abhinav Institute of Fine Arts, Pune, India.


For the past 17 years, she has done commission work for restaurants, magazines, hospitals, museums and of course family portraits.

As a student, she became acquainted with different aspects of art, closely associated with painting & drawing. Her works are representational. Her early paintings were coupled with optimism, harmony, and depth.


  • Western masters such as Degas and Monet

  • the mixing of orange and pink hues by Amrita Sher-Gil (1913-41)

  • The works of Indian master painters Madhav Satawalekar (1915 – 2006) and KK Hebbar (1911–1996) has also left a strong impact on Namita’s painting work.

  • Rajasthan - She spent quite a lot of time visiting Rajasthan and painting and sketching the desert landscape. She describes Rajasthan as “ a delight: a buffet platter with plenty to choose from, for any artist.”

Commission Work
  • Indian Restaurants in London  ( Café Mumbai, Euro Tandoori, Kensington Tandoori, Red Spice, Indian Ocean, Tulsi, Chase side, Chowki, Mehek, etc )

  • Family portraits in London

  • JVB Magazine cover design

  • Neonatal Unit, North Middlesex Hospital, London

  • Sculpture drawings for Jain temple, Surat, India

  • Nahar and Ranka Family Potraits

  • The Tribal Cultural Museum, Pune

Education & Courses

2013              Mixed Media (Short Course), City Lit, London

2001-2003    Master of Art : M.A. SNDT College, Mumbai, India

2000-2001    Diploma in Art Education

1995-2000    Government Diploma in Art : G.D.Art

                     Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya (Art School) Pune, India


“I love using fresh, bright and pastel colours, and applying different techniques with thin and thick palette knife and mixed media collage artwork, such as handmade paper, ink pen, fabrics, beads, with a blend of oil and acrylics.”